Orchid Leis

The beauty of the orchid has made it one of Hawaii’s most sought-after flowers. It has many wonderful traits, including its elegant shape and lack of scent make orchid leis very resilient and can last several days with proper care. The flowers are medium sized and have the scientific name Orchidaceae. The Hawaiian name of these plants are ʻokika honohono (Dendrobium) or ʻokika. The lack of scent makes them perfect for a lei for those who are sensitive to fragrances. The flowers can be used in their natural colors in a lei or tinted with other colors. Their natural colors are white, purple and jade. They are often dyed deep blue, jade, red, pink, light blue, emerald and yellow to really make the colors pop. They are durable flowers, making them highly prized for use in leis.

The orchid is a symbol of affection and love, and they are given as gifts to loved ones to express both of those emotions. They have ben used in the past as medicine as well as for its decorative use. These flowers have been cultivated by many cultures, including the Aztecs and the ancient Greeks for their use in medicines. In 1799, the dendrobium orchid was classified as an orchid genus.

The piercing weave, known as kui, as well as the braiding method known as haku are used to create leis with orchids. Orchids by themselves may be used in orchid leis for sale, or the blossoms may be used allowing with tuberose or ti leaves to create beautiful, unisex leis for any occasion. They are common for use in birthdays, wedding, anniversaries and graduations. See the fresh orchids available below and choose the one that is just right for your special occasion.